Trinidad and Tobago Carnival

The Trinidad and Tobago Carnival is an annual event held on the Monday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. The event is well known for participants' colorful costumes and exuberant celebrations. There are numerous cultural events such as "band launch fetes" running in the lead up to the street parade. It is said that if the islanders are not celebrating it, then they are preparing for it, while reminiscing about the past year's festival. Traditionally, the festival is associated with calypso music, with its origins formulated in the midst of hardship for enslaved West and Central Africans; however, recently Soca music has replaced calypso as the most celebrated type of music. Costumes (sometimes called "mas"), stick-fighting and limbo competitions are also important components of the festival.

Masqueraders fill the streets, dressed in costumes of all kinds, and “jump up” (dance) to the pulsating sounds of soca, calypso and steel pan bands. Trinidad turns into the biggest party in the Caribbean and everyone is welcome!

On these two days, the bands are in competition to win the Band of the Year title. Small monetary prizes are associated with these titles, though they do not cover the full amount of producing the band's music or the King's or Queen's costumes. Participation occurs at all levels of society; three-time calypso monarch David Rudder described it as "from bourgeois to grassroots." Children participate from as early as parents can get them into costume; sometime even strollers are decorated.

Definitely the carnival of Trinidad and Tobago is an event that you should not miss out if you like music, colour and especially the party. On 2020 the Carnival days will be 24th and 25th of February. And this could be your yacht charter destination all year round, just contact Moncada Yachts at and we will set up your itinerary.