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Capri. Situated just a short cruise from Naples, Capri is a beautiful and stylish Italian island destination that has been popular since ancient times. Rising out of the sea to an impressive height, Capri is an island of many contrasts and has something for everyones taste. Take a refreshing dip in the bay of the Faraglioni and then enjoy an appetiser at the Piazzetta, famous for its breath-taking views across the deep blue sea.


An enchanting seaside village on the Neapolitan coast; dine at the famous Hotel San Pietro, awarded with the prestigious Michelin Star and dont leave without trying the Minestra asciutta di zucchine con frittella di ricotta. The 50 km of the Amalfi coastline stretches mainly from Sorrento to Salerno, the hillside towns are a truly magnificent display of Italian engineering and architecture. Terrace houses and buildings cling to steep cliffs, rising from the coastline.


After spending a few days at the stunning Costiera Amalfitana you can begin sailing to the first of the Eolean Isles; Stromboli and his impressive volcano, his blackish bronze coloUring is a spectacular vision. The most adventurous ones can take the excursion to the crater, at night, to see the eruptions after sunset. A walk from Stromboli (the village) to Punta Labronzo is great for the marvellous sunsets and the views of the eruptions from below, pieces of incandescent lava and sporadic lava flows descending the black slide Sciara del Fuoco to the sea, a very impressive sight. Another must see is Ginostra, a small village on the opposite side of the island that seems to be stopped in time and is only reachable by sea, characterised by the smallest harbour of the world.


The second Eolian to see is the white and mundane Panarea, the jewel of the archipelago. Enjoy snorkelling into the turquoise waters around the submerged volcanic rocks at Cala Lunco, the most famous cove in the Eolean, a must to visit. The colour of the sea is impressive and if you like nightlife, you can go dancing in the famous discothque above the harbour.


The third in navigation is Vulcano, dominated by the Gran Cratere volcano cone with great views, famous for his thermal springs, where you can bathe in a mixture of sea water and mud, Pozza dei Fanghi, at any time. The next stop is the capital, Lipari, where you can find the Eolean Isle Museum, a must see. Sail away to Salina, famous for its spectacular nature, great for a relaxing walk, and for their delicious iced-fruit drinks with cream!!!


Last, but not least, Filicudi, the bohemian of the sisters, visited by artists and intellectuals all around the world. This great crossing ends reaching the coast of the omnipotent isle of Sicily, disembarking in Porto Rosa at only one hour distance from Catanias airport.